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August 18, 2016
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October 16, 2018
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The Start & Finish Of Any Event : Story Of Every Event Planner

Event manger hyderabad

Blog post by Prachi Mishra.

Events play a major role in the portfolio of any organization or business. Work culture, handsome pay, healthy environment and entertainment with work is what anyone looks for in a job in India. There are many event management companies in India that creates beautiful memories. but what I want to give importance here is not only proper execution of any event but the start and finish for any event that is important. A healthy relationship between a event planner and a client is very important link. People take this business as a very fascinating and enjoyable, but they do not know that every coin has two sides and every business comes with pros and cons.

The events include many meetings, site visits, seminar sessions, case studies, budget discussion and a lot more. An event organizer puts lots of efforts here. He gives up on his sleep to make the setup ready by early morning so that client could inspect and approve the work. Many times his work is appreciated, many times not. After a night long awake journey between workers and vendors, he is ready for someone to suggest him on his improvements. He freshens up and get ready to welcome the guests on the same day when the event starts. Often event ends up late in the evening. He waits for everyone to leave expressing his gratitude for their arrival. Soon after that he gets busy on dismantling of setup. This may take another 5-6 hours. Not to forget formalities of material entering and leaving the secure corporate zones of big cities. Another sleepless night .

This series of event continues. He has to be ready for another meeting with another client next day. A day where he is supposed to come up with new idea and an energetic smile throughout. He has a family behind waiting to see him, have dinner with him but they have to wait. Is this life any fascinating or enjoyable? May be for his family. But for him its real hard work he does.

People these days are very attracted to this career. They should know the real work behind it. But if it’s a passion for you then follow it because its only the passion inside you that keeps you alive.

I have came across few such hardworking event organizer in Hyderabad India.

Prachi Mishra.

Marketing Head

Renown Events & Promotions Pvt Ltd

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