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We are a bunch of event managers who wants to bring a positive change in society by helping those who are in need. As it is said

 “service to man is service to god”

Human is Social Animal and thereby we possess a major part of Social Responsibility on our shoulders. There is a lot of Social Imbalance in our society. We, at Renown, aim to overcome this Social Imbalance by contributing in one or the other way through our work.

We, event manager  at Renown, have followed several Social Practices for the betterment of our society. During free hours, we visit several Social Institutions, Orphanage, Blind School etc and try to help them with whatever possible means we could. We are glad to say that there are many other young individuals also join our hands in helping this Society.

Money is a necessity but its wise use is very important. We often use it on our self and our near ones but never try to use it for a social cause. However a small proportion of our money and help can drastically change someone’s lives. A event manager should excel in managing harmony and peace in his surroundings as well. A helping hand of ours will help someone to grow better and this feeling deep in our hearts will make us feel good.

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